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The Courage to Challenge the Nuclear World Order

M.V. Ramana and Zia Mian reflect on the nuclear disarmament activism and challenges treaties now pose to the nuclear weapon…


Fernanda Rojas Marchini

Her research focuses on the material outcomes of environmental science/politics and development practices in the temperate rainforests located in the South of Chile.


Federico Andrade-Rivas

His current research is exploring food systems in indigenous communities in Ecuador to better understand how global and local food systems are interconnected, and related to health equity and environmental…


Michelle Hak-Hepburn

Her research engages with the agency and animacy of trees, interrogating how we can rethink our relationships with forests to combat deforestation.


Gabriel Castillo Devoto

His research concerns sustainability in the extractive industry, focus in the social and environmental areas.


Danielle Gendron

Her research explores: the embeddedness of history in place, multi-sensory/imaginative ethnographic methods, oral histories, Indigenous-settler relationships, and human-water relationships.


James Rhatigan

His research focuses on the environmental history of the Canadian nuclear industry.


Susanna Klassen

Her research assesses the contribution of organic agriculture to food system sustainability, and the adoption of practices that enhance agro-ecological health and labour equity on organic farms in Canada.


Ketty Anyeko

Her current research focuses on the ‘Senses of Justice and Reparations: Women’s Decision Making After Wartime Sexual Violence in Northern Uganda.’


Maya Lefkowich

Her research aims to unpack ethical implications of representation (with the hope of countering colonial descriptions of community deficits, risky lifestyles, and individualized addictions) and collaboration (with an emphasis on…


Neila Miled

Her research engages with feminist postcolonial theory and critical ethnography to explore the social and cultural contexts of education in relation to Muslim/immigrant and transnational youth.


Adi Burton

Her studies focus on ethics in student activism, which she approaches from the perspective of Jewish phenomenology.

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