Join us for this UBC Future of Food global dialogue series talk on how organic farming is codified in regulations with Dr. Verena Seufert.

March 29, 2017
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Multipurpose Room, Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC Vancouver campus

Verena Seufert

This event will expand on Dr. Seufert’s research examining different organic regulations from across the world to understand how they have codified the large diversity of ideas inherent in organic agriculture. Dr. Seufert is a Post Doctoral Fellow in UBC’s Land Use and Global Environment Lab. She is a geographer-ecologist interested in all things food and nature. Verena believes that food is what connects us in the most fundamental ways with nature. We depend on ecosystems, and we impact ecosystems through the way we produce, prepare and eat our food. Food defines our health, our cultures, our communities, and it defines our environmental footprint.Organic farming is one of the fastest growing sectors of world agriculture. Although it represents only 1% of world agricultural area, organic is one of the most recognized food labels and most people in developed countries consume some amount of organic food today. There is a wide range of interpretations of what organic means by different actors in the sector.

Future of Food banner

This event is part of the UBC Future of Food Global Dialogue Series, a campus-wide initiative bringing together food security and sustainability experts from across the university and North America to regularly engage the UBC community and the public around the Global Food System, including topics such as climate change, food security, biodiversity, social justice, culture, and policy.

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