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Allen Sens is a past Faculty Affiliate at the Liu Institute for Global Issues and Professor of Teaching, Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Allen Sens (Ph.D, Queen’s) specializes in international relations, with a research and teaching focus on international security. He has a particular interest in armed conflict and conflict management, and maintains research agendas on peace operations, peacebuilding, European security, and Canadian foreign and defence policy. Dr. Sens is currently Chair of the Faculty of Arts Curriculum Committee. Allen Sens is also co-coordinator of the Terry Project, and is a co-teacher of ASIC 200, an integrated Arts/Science course in global issues. He is a graduate of the UBC Certificate Program in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. In 2003, Dr. Sens was a recipient of the UBC Killam Teaching Prize.

He is the co-author, with Peter Stoett, of Global Politics: Origins, Currents, Directions, an introductory international relations textbook now in its fifth edition.