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Brian Job is Faculty Associate of the Liu Institute for Global Issues, Associate Director of Institute of Asian Research and Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. He is also the former Graduate Director of the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs program. His interests concern international security – more specifically, the evolving security order of the Asia Pacific, intrastate conflict, human security and Canadian foreign and security policies.

Brian Job (Ph.D, Indiana) joined the Department as a Professor in 1989. Since 1992, he has also served as Director of the Centre of International Relations at the Liu Institute at UBC.

His teaching and research interests are in international security studies, broadly conceived. His work focuses upon the evolving security order of the Asia Pacific, on intrastate conflict, and on Canadian foreign and defence policy. The theoretical/conceptual puzzles that interest him include the evolution of norms for security communities, multilateralism, regionalism, arms acquisition processes, and the security dilemmas of and within ”Third World“ states.

His current research is funded through a joint SSHRC project with Michael Wallace and through the Security and Defence Forum program of the Centre of International Relations. He has published on international alliances, international theory, and the application of formal and statistical methodologies to international relations.

In recent years, his publications have focused upon the UN and regional conflict, Asia Pacific security developments, and on Canadian interests and policies vis-à-vis the Asia Pacific. Job has actively engaged in establishing academic networks, including (as co-founder) the Canadian Consortium on Asia Pacific Security and the Canadian Consortium on Human Security. With the Asia Pacific region, he is involved in regional ”Track 2“ activities and currently serves as Co-Chair of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP 2002-04). Job served on the Foreign Minister’s Advisory Board (1995ð97). He was co-editor of the International Studies Quarterly, as well as Treasurer and Vice-President of the International Studies Association.


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