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Claudia Díaz is a Chilean doctoral student in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. Drawing on her experience in early childhood education and policy, Claudia is interested in the role of early childhood education policies in educational inequalities by examining how social spaces for children intersect with issues of social class, race, and gender.

In Chile, Claudia worked as a social project manager and social-educational consultant in governmental and non-governmental poverty reduction programs. Her position involved overseeing the implementation of socio-educational programs in inner-city schools from school to provincial level as well as working closely with children, their families, their teachers, school administrators, volunteers, and social practitioners.

In 2011, Claudia came to Canada to pursuit a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education at UBC. Since then, she has been working as a research assistant for various UBC projects in global policies for young children, childhood’s studies, history of education and environmental history.

“Despite of international organizations have recommended to countries to promote policies for early childhood education as a mechanism to reduce the socioeconomic gap, some child advocates have showed skepticism. ECE’s settings can be places where educational inequalities are reinforced, as has been the case in formal schooling in various international contexts. This contention holds the core of my research inquiry: Can early childhood education policies put an end to educational inequality?”


Supervisor: Dr. Mona Gleason

Committee members: Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg and Dr. Gerald Fallon

Research Interests: Children, social class and classism, educational inequalities, critical methodological approaches in childhood, global and local policies in early childhood education.

2014 Conference Presentations

24-10-2014. Gleason, M. & Díaz-Díaz, C. “Reconciling Past and Present: Contemporary Environmental Education and Lessons from the History of Children and Childhood”, Canadian History of Education Association Conference, Saskatoon, Canada

14-05-2014. Díaz-Díaz, C. “The Land is my School: A Radical Pedagogy of Place”, 3 Minutes Presentation, Research Week 2014, Faculty of Education, UBC, Vancouver

23-04-2014. Gleason, M. & Díaz-Díaz, C. “The Land is My School: Children and The Natural Environment in British Columbia’s (Canada) Interwar Period”, European Social Sciences History Conference, Austria, Vienna

11-04-2014. Díaz-Díaz, C. “Can You Tell Me That Story Again: Teacher-child Relationship in the Early Years”, EDST Research Day, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

05-05-2014. Diaz-Diaz C, Dakilic M, Moule J, “Critical Perspectives in Early Childhood Education”, Investigating Our Practice (IOP) University of British Columbia

26-02-2014. “Environmental Education and Democratic Citizenship in Canada: Lessons from the History of Children and Childhood”, International Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship, Morocco