Kieran Findlater Email:

Kieran Findlater is a PhD candidate, Liu Scholar Alumunus and Killam Doctoral Scholar at the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability (IRES) at UBC. His most recent work examines the interplay among environmental stimuli, human cognition and agricultural practice in response to climate variability and climate change, using South African commercial grain farmers as a case uniquely representative of the idealized autonomous mode of climate change adaptation explicit in the conceptual literature.

He has previously examined the land-use implications of national biofuel targets, and the unanticipated effects of Jatropha-based biodiesel production in northwestern India. His broader research interests include the use of interdisciplinary approaches in examining the intersections of renewable energy, climate change, technology diffusion, land-use change and human cognition.

His doctoral research has been supported by a Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), a Four-Year Fellowship from UBC, an Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant from the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), a Doctoral Research Award from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Liu Institute’s Olav Slaymaker Fellowship in Environment, and a War Memorial Scholarship from IODE Canada. While in South Africa, he was generously hosted by the African Climate & Development Initiative (ACDI) at the University of Cape Town.

Kieran earned his MSc in Resource Management & Environmental Studies at UBC (2009) and completed his BSc (double major) in Biological Sciences / Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta (2005). He has worked in South Africa, as a researcher in water resource governance at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and in Canada, as a climate analyst with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.


  • Milind Kandlikar, Professor, Liu Institute for Global Issues and IRES
  • Terre Satterfield, Director and Professor, IRES
  • Simon Donner, Associate Professor, Geography

Selected Publications:

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  • Findlater K (2013). The complexities of climate change adaptation in South African agriculture. Africa Portal, Backgrounder No. 50. Centre for International Governance Innovation: Waterloo, Canada.
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