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Lucia Lorenzi is a Liu Scholar alumna who completed her PhD in English Literature in January 2016. Working under the supervision of Dr. Deena Rymhs, as well as with committee members Dr. Laura Moss and Dr. Sherrill Grace, Lucia’s research focused on the relationship between silence and representations of sexual violence in contemporary Canadian literature and drama. Her dissertation argued that the binary of speech and silence often characterizes the way that we think about sexual violence and those who have experienced it. While speech is generally ascribed with the power or bravery of those who choose to report their assaults to the legal system, go public with their stories, or seek psychological counselling, silence is often perceived as being equivalent to passivity, powerlessness, or victimhood. She demonstrated that silences, omissions, or pauses in texts can be a way of challenging the aestheticization, eroticization or appropriation of stories of sexual assault. By developing an understanding of the myriad reasons why silence (or alternative types of speech) is a viable option, she argued that we can better understand how survivors choose to negotiate their experiences of sexual violence, and to understand the process of speaking out as not being limited to established venues or discourses.

Research Interests:

Lucia is interested in individual and collective histories of trauma, especially in autobiographical texts, Canadian literatures, and Indigenous literatures. In particular, she is interested in the politics of representation, the aesthetics of violence, and the role of the reader as witness.


Ph.D. English (UBC, 2016)
M.A. English (Simon Fraser University, 2010) B.A. Honours English (Simon Fraser University, 2008)


Sherrill E. Grace Graduate Award in English (2015) Gilean Douglas Scholarship in English (2014) Gabriele Helms Memorial Scholarship (2014) Departmental Nominee, Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (2014) SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2013-2014) Faculty of Arts Graduate Fellowship (2010-2013)


“Deconstructing Docility: Sexual Assault Law and Embodied Resistance to Violence.” TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 33 (2014): 133-156. Print.

“Shikata Ga Nai: Mapping Japanese-Canadian Melancholy in the Fields of National and Literary Trauma.” West Coast Line 45.3 (2011): 100-105. Print.

Selected Blog Posts:

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