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I am a Liu Scholar Alumna and I was a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Education in the Cross-Faculty Inquiry Program at the University of British Columbia. My research is in the areas of public political pedagogy, environmental communication, and critical media studies. Theoretically and methodologically my work develops post-structuralist and post-qualitative approaches to conceptions subjectification within contexts of social change and social justice.  My current research examines how various pedagogical texts (news, advertising, eNGO campaigns), educational intentions and political performances segment or disrupt normative political subjection and subjectification. Conceptually my work draws on continental philosophy, and particularly the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. I map how political ontolgies are assembled and how those involved in the anti-oil pipeline movement in BC negotiate their relations to conceptions of “the self” and broader subjectifications which result from various conflicting educational intentions, desires, perceptions of self-care, geographic spaces and imaginative heterotopias, as well as those of journalists and eNGO campaigners. My work has been published in Critical Studies in Education, Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy and the Canadian Journal of Communication.

I hold a Masters in Communication and Culture from York University in Toronto, and a Bachelor in Communication from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. I have served on the boards of the Canadian Communication Association and the International Environmental Communication Association, and have also completed a research assistantship for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.