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Maria Alejandra Pineda-Escobar is a past Visiting Fellow at the Liu Institute and a Colombian consultant and researcher in inclusive business and CSR in emerging and developing countries, working with the Centre of Partnerships for Development (CAD). Maria is also Regional Coordinator for the Towards the Human City Project and Associate Professor at Politecnico Grancolombiano University, where she lectures on sustainability, globalization and competitiveness in business. Member of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) Experts Network, and of the National Committee of Inclusive Business of Colombia (CONNIC).

She has authored several opinion pieces, papers and book chapters on CSR and sustainability at the BoP, including her latest participation as one of the contributors in the book “Base of the Pyramid 3.0 Sustainable Development through Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Professional in International Business holds Masters degrees in Public Policy and Human Development (The Netherlands) and in Sustainability and CSR (Spain).