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Paul Evans is Professor, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia.

His research is focused on reframing the Asia-Pacific security order, in cooperation with the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies.

His previous teaching and administrative appointments were as Assistant, Associate and Professor, Department of Political Science, York University, 1981-97; Director, University of Toronto – York University Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies, 1991-96; Visiting Professor, Asia Center, Harvard University, 1997-99; Acting Director, Liu Institute for Global Issues, 2004-5; and Co-CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, 2005-08.

He has held visiting fellowships at the Australian National University (1988); National Chengchi University (1989); Chulalongkorn University (1989); the East-West Center (1995); and the National Institute for Research Advancement in Tokyo (1999).

He is finishing a book on Canada and Global China. His earlier publications include:

John Fairbank and the American Understanding of Modern China (1988);

Reluctant Adversaries: Canada and the People’s Republic of China 1949-1970 (1991) – a co-edited volume;

Studying Asia Pacific Security (1994) – an edited volume;

Beyond Boundaries: A Report on the State of Non-Official Dialogues on Peace, Security and Cooperation in South Asia (1997);

The Asia-Pacific Security Lexicon (2002 and, revised second edition, 2007) – with David Capie.

His current writing focuses on East Asian regionalism and Canada’s Asia policy. Some of his recent essays include:

“Human Security in East Asia: In the Beginning,” Journal of East Asian Studies, June 2004;

“Between Regionalism and Regionalization: Policy Networks and the Nascent East Asian Institutional Identity,” in T.J. Pempel, ed., Remapping East Asia: The Construction of a Region (Cornell University Press 2005);

“Canada, Meet Global China,” International Journal, Spring 2006;

“Constructing Multilateralism in an Anti-Region: From Six Party Talks to a Regional Security Framework in Northeast Asia?” in Gi-Wook Shin and Daniel Snyder, Cross Currents: Regionalism and Nationalism in Northeast Asia(Brookings Institution Press, 2007);

“Canada and Asia Pacific’s Track-Two Diplomacy,” International Journal, Autumn 2009;

“Asian Power Shift: Ready or Not?” in Fen Osler Hampson and Paul Heinbecker, eds., Canada Among Nations 2009-2010: As Others See Us;

“Chinese Views on the Changing World Order: Implications for Canada,” Optimum Online, The Journal of Public Sector Management, March 2010;

“Getting Global China Right,” Pacific Affairs, 82.4, Winter 2009;

“Response to David Hawk’s ‘Pursuing Peace While Advancing Rights’,” CanKor, 26 July 2010;

“Thai Academics Are As Polarized And Dispirited As Their Nation,” Asia Pacific Memo #1, 8 July 2010;

Canada Faces a Simple Choice: Open Up to Asia, or be Left Behind,” The Mark, 8 July 2010

He served as Co-Chair of the Canadian Member Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific from its founding in 1993 until July 1997 and from 1994 until June 1998, as co-chair of CSCAP’s North Pacific Working Group. He was the founding director of the Canadian Consortium on Human Security in 2001-02. A member of the International Council of the Asia Society in New York and the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, he also sits on the editorial boards of The Pacific Review, Pacific Affairs, and The Chinese Journal of International Politics.