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A Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, I research crisis mobilities at the University of British Columbia’s Liu Institute for Global Issues and Lancaster University’s Centre for Mobilities Research. I have more than ten years of applied and academic experience in the field of transport, focusing on disaster resilience, carbon pricing and demand management. For my doctorate, Navigating Disruption: Mobile Society and Hurricanes Juan and Igor, I researched the impact of two record-breaking hurricanes on Atlantic Canada, developing an ecopolitics of mobility.



In my postdoctoral research, I trace the mobilities of vital materials – blood and water – required during humanitarian crises. How do we, and how can we in future, get blood and water to people in need? In collaboration with organizations working in the field, I examine how vital mobilities are achieved in the context of increased atmospheric and logistical turbulence that define the Anthropocene. Through case studies that ‘follow the material,’ I explore how society can learn to live with, and possibly thrive in the face of, increased severe weather events. Further, by juxtaposing diverse and far-reaching cases – transporting blood by drone in Rwanda and repairing war torn water infrastructure in Syria – I forward metaphors of fluidity and friction apt for the study of mobile society in a post-normal climate.



Philippe Le Billon / University of British Columbia

Monika Buscher / Lancaster University

Jen Southern / Lancaster University



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