A forewarned future. As ‘climate security’ forecast darkens, is Canada ready?
By Mike Blanchfield
July 25, 2009

Source: Canwest News Service, Ottawa Citizen

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Thousands of people pour out of Manhattan onto the waiting armada of ships. The “October Surprise” has hit with a vengeance — a massive hurricane has flooded and paralyzed New York City. Dozens of world leaders watch the disaster unfold beneath them as they are airlifted from the United Nations General Assembly that had just convened on the banks of the now overflowing Hudson River.

“I guess the problem was that we counted on this not happening, at least not yet. Most scientists assumed the worst effects of climate change would occur later in the century,” the president of the United States writes in his diary. “The culmination of disasters, needed cleanups, permafrost melting, lower agricultural yields, growing health problems and the like are taking a much terrible toll, much greater than we anticipated 20 years ago.”