How to Conserve Half the Planet Without Going Hungry

Zia Mehrabi, Erle C. Ellis, and Navin Ramankutty

Nature Sustainability

August 2018

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Amid widespread concerns about biodiversity loss, a single clear conservation message is engaging leading conservationists: the proposal to give half the surface of the Earth back to nature. Depending on the landscape conservation strategy, we find that, globally, 15–31% of cropland, 10–45% of pasture land, 23–25% of non-food calories and 3–29% of food calories from crops could be lost if half of Earth’s terrestrial ecoregions were given back to nature.

Zia Mehrabi, a postdoctoral student at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, wrote a paper in collaboration with SPPGA faculty member professor Navin Ramankutty and Erle C. Ellis, discussing the possibility of giving 50% of the earth’s surface back to nature.