Northern Uganda Human Security Update April-August 2004
Erin Baines (Liu Faculty, UBC), Coleen Heemskerk
September 16, 2004

This human security update outlines the major issues and events from the conflict in Northern Uganda during a five-month period, April to August 2004. It focuses on the humanitarian and security situation, the Ugandan government’s military strategy as well as the actions and intentions of certain international actors.

Conflict and Development Program Research Director, Erin Baines, was in Uganda August 1-14, 2004, to meet with various individuals and actors involved in the peace and justice process in Northern Uganda. This document is a synopsis of issues that were discussed during her visit as well as a summary of articles from media sources, including The Monitor and The New Vision, documents from non-governmental organizations and a number of reports from the United Nations’ Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN). Finally, information was gathered from ICC reports and the United States government websites to further clarify their initiatives and investigations into this protracted conflict.

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